Periodic blog posts about the search for larger perspectives that balance being an academic with being human:

Some samples:

Let’s Put More Humanity Into the Humanities! (A Manifesto): Instead of building communities of mutual care, we are constantly reenforcing habits of judgment, both of each other and of ourselves.

A Metadisciplinary Approach to Asian Medicine: Interdisciplinarity has failed as a model for collaboration in the study of Asian medicine. Here, I propose the new model of “metadisciplinarity” as a means of bringing people together in more productive and more generative ways.

The Fractal of Humanities: When journeying through a fractal, any notion of having “arrived” turns it into a labyrinth, a self-imposed prison. The closer we look, the more indeterminate things will become.

Publications about pedagogy

Salguero, C. Pierce 2021. “The Role of Buddhist Studies in Fostering Metadisciplinary Conversations and Improving Pedagogical Collaborations.” Religions 12.1.

Salguero, C. Pierce 2021. “Buddhist Healthcare in Philadelphia: An Ethnographic Experiment in Student-Centered, Engaged, and Inclusive Pedagogy.”  Religions 12.6.

In the classroom

Teaching the humanities with an emphasis on empowerment, empathy, and meaning-making.

I regularly teach a range of undergraduate courses on Asian history, religions, and medical humanities. I have a true passion for teaching, and it is my strong belief that the humanities are indispensable in providing undergraduates important tools to understand the world and to actively engage in society. My teaching methods have been influenced by several key experiences in my professional development. The first was my year as an instructor in the expository writing program at Johns Hopkins, which taught me the Harvard “Expos” pedagogical method. The second was my year-long fellowship at LeMoyne College, where I encountered the Jesuit philosophy of cura personalis (educating the whole person) and the method of “learning contracts.” Finally, my time at Abington College, a minority-majority institution with an extremely diverse student body, has also challenged me to expand and refine my teaching methods with a strong focus on equity and inclusion. See my teaching awards.