I have a true passion for teaching, and it is my strong belief that the humanities are indispensable in providing undergraduates important tools to understand the world and to actively engage in society. Like my scholarly activity, my approach to pedagogy is broad and interdisciplinary. I regularly teach introductory survey courses on East Asian history, Asian Religions, Buddhism, and the Silk Roads, as well as a range of upper-level undergraduate courses in topics related to the history of Asian religion and medicine. I also advise students in independent research on Buddhism and health through the Abington College Undergraduate Research Activities program.

Courses for practitioners of complementary & alternative medicine

I offer individual or group instruction in Traditional Thai Medicine, Buddhist Medicine, and classical Chinese medical texts, geared toward practitioners of complementary alternative medicine. In the past, I have given seminars and lectures for practitioners at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Won Institute of Graduate Studies, and a number of alternative medicine schools in the U.S., Canada, and Germany. Please email me to talk about setting up a class, or follow me on Facebook to hear about upcoming events.