Transdisciplinary Scholarship in Asian Medical Humanities

Global History of Buddhist Medicine

A study of the global history of Buddhist medicine “from Sarnath to Silicon Valley.”

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The Jivaka Project

A multimedia ethnography in collaboration with filmmaker Lan A. Li, exploring the role of Buddhism in the healthcare landscape of Philadelphia.

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Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China

An exploration of the reception, translation, and transformation of Buddhist medicine in medieval China.

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Teaching the humanities with a rich range of approaches for empowerment, empathy, and meaning-making.

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Writing for Practitioners of Buddhism & Asian Medicine

Writing for non-scholarly audiences, connecting my scholarship with contemporary issues and events.

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Bio, Background, and Research Statement

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What’s New?

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Buddhism and Medicine: An Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Sources

Edited by C. Pierce Salguero

A companion to Buddhism and Medicine: An Anthology of Premodern Sources, this work presents a collection of modern and contemporary texts and conversations from across the Buddhist world dealing with the multifaceted relationship between Buddhism and medicine.

Covering the early modern period to the present, this anthology focuses on how Buddhism and medicine were shaped by the forces of colonialism, science, and globalization, as well as ruptures and reconciliations between tradition and modernity. The anthology highlights diversity and innovation in the encounters between Buddhist and medical thought.