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Every author knows the gut-wrenching feeling of opening up your new book or turning to a new journal article and laying eyes on a glaring eye-sore of a typo — or even a big, fat mistake. Here’s a running list of my mistakes and ideas for improvement for future editions.

I think of scholarship as a collaborative endeavor, and recognize I have much to learn from my colleagues. So, I would be quite grateful if you let me know via email about anything you find in the book that needs improvement. I will add all comments to the list below. Many thanks!

Translating Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China (2014)

  • dust jacket: While I definitely appreciate professor Sivin’s endorsement of my book, he greatly overestimates my linguistic abilities. For the record, I have mastered none of the languages he gives me credit for.
  • p. 47 and in the bibliography entry for T. 701: I need to make clear that Dharmarakṣa’s authorship of this text is uncertain, as explained on p. 77.
  • p. 77: On the correlation between the gifts and the rewards, I should mention in the text or in the note that I am basing my interpretation on the simple language of the sutra text itself, although the commentaries on T. 701 (both T. 1793 and 2780) list these correlations in a more convoluted way.
  • p. 99–100: I misidentified the origin of these food taboos, which mostly consist of Indian ideas. The main point of this section — i.e., the authors’ use of domesticating translation terms — still holds. I should add to footnote 11 a citation to Caraka Sū 26.84.
  • bibliography entries for T. 1793 and 2780: I should change the English translation of the sutra title to match the entry for T. 701.

‘On Eliminating Disease’: Translations of the Medical Chapter from the Chinese Versions of the Sutra of Golden Light (2013)

  • Revised, corrected version published in Salguero 2017, ch. 4.

“‘Treating Illness’: Translation of a Chapter from a Medieval Chinese Buddhist Meditation Manual by Zhiyi (538–597)” (2012)

  • Revised, corrected version published in Salguero 2017, ch. 37.

“‘A Flock of Ghosts Bursting Forth and Scattering’: Healing Narratives in a Sixth-Century Chinese Buddhist Hagiography” (2010)

  • p. 89: In the print version of the article, a copyeditor erroneously replaced CE with BC in the first sentence of the article. This was changed to AD by the press in the online version.
  • Revised, corrected version published in Salguero 2017, ch. 4.