Scholarly monographs & edited volumes

Scholarly articles & chapters

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  • 2023, “‘Meditation Sickness’ in Medieval Chinese Buddhism and the Contemporary West.” Journal of Buddhist Ethics 30: 169–211. URL:
  • 2022, “Beyond Mindfulness: Buddhism & Health in the US.” Pacific World Fourth Series 3. URL:
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Deprecated articles

(Please cite the updated versions instead.)

  • 2018, “Buddhist Medicine and its Circulation.” In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History. Ed. David Ludden. New York: Oxford University Press. [This is essentially a summary of Buddhism & Medicine: A Global History.]
  • 2015, “Toward a Global History of Buddhism and Medicine,” Buddhist Studies Review 32.1: 35–61. [Revised version appears in Buddhism & Medicine: A Global History, particularly chapter 5.]
  • 2014, “Buddhism & Medicine in East Asian History,” Religion Compass 8.8: 239–50. [Revised partial version appears in the Buddhism & Medicine: An Anthology of Premodern Sources, Introduction.]
  • 2013, “‘On Eliminating Disease’: Translations of the Medical Chapter from the Chinese Versions of the Sutra of Golden Light,” eJournal of Indian Medicine 6 (1): 21–43. [Revised version appears in Buddhism & Medicine: An Anthology of Premodern Sources, ch. 4.]
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  • 2010, “‘A Flock of Ghosts Bursting Forth and Scattering’: Healing Narratives in a Sixth-Century Chinese Buddhist Hagiography,” East Asian Science Technology & Medicine 32: 89–120. [Revised version appears in Buddhist Healing in Medieval China and Japan, ch. 1]

Book reviews

  • 2019, “The Mind Cure?,” essay review of three recent scholarly books in Tricycle: The Buddhist Review (Fall issue).
  • 2018, Review of David L. McMahan and Erik Braun (eds.). Meditation, Buddhism, and Science. Oxford University Press, 2017. In Reading Religion,
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