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  • The Jivaka Project: This project in progress is an ethnographic study of Buddhist healing and healers in the Greater Philadelphia area, using undergraduate research assistants to conduct questionnaires, interviews, and audio-visual recordings. See the project website.
  • Oxford Bibliographies Online: “Buddhism: Medicine.” DOI: 10.1093/obo/9780195393521-0140 [paywall link]
  • Facebook: I have founded two Facebook groups exclusively for scholars of Buddhism and of Asian Medicine, with collectively about 1300 members. (These are private groups, so to join please send me a private message or email to join.)
  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism: list of my entries related to Chinese Buddhist medicine in the DDB. (Use “guest/guest” to log in.)
  • Bibliography of Buddhism & Medicine: I am a contributor to the H-Buddhism Bibliography Project on Zotero. You can see all entries under the “medicine” tag without being a member, and can also subscribe via RSS to receive updates when more is added.
  • Other links: my Academia.edu profile, my faculty webpage at Abington College, my Twitter feed.

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