Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China

 The transmission of Buddhism from India to China in the first millennium C.E. was one of the most significant cross-cultural medical exchanges in the history of the world. This project examines the reception of Indian medicine in medieval China. It analyzes the ways Chinese Buddhists understood and adapted Indian medical knowledge and explained them to local audiences. It illuminates the social logics of intercultural communication, processes of negotiation and adaptation, and the creativity of individual writers as they made sense of disease, health, and the body in the context of regional and transnational traditions. The works below integrate religious studies, translation studies, and literature with the history of medicine in order to reconstruct the crucial role of translated Buddhist knowledge in the vibrant medical world of medieval China.


Translating Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014): Significantly revised version of my PhD dissertation, focusing on the translations strategies/tactics utilized in the introduction and assimilation of Indian medicine in medieval China.

Buddhist Healing in Medieval China and Japan (University of Hawai’i Press, 2020): Co-edited with Andrew Macomber. My contribution to this volume analyzes the reception and representation of Buddhist healing in China, as seen in a 6th cent. collection of miracle tales.

Selected scholarly articles & chapters

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Popular media

  • 2018, “Curing Illness with Meditation in Sixth Century China,” BuddhistDoor.
  • 2014, “Translating Meditation in Popular American Media,” Patheos.

Recorded Lectures